Covenant Membership.001.jpeg

January 2nd @ 7pm
Parker Library - Event Hall B
(Second Floor)

As we gather together as covenant members, we look forward to the opportunity to share our hopes for Redemption Parker, our vision for the upcoming year, review and present the 2019 church budget, answer questions you may have, and pray together. The members meeting will last about 45 minutes.

Additionally, we plan on ordaining Pastor Matthew Bowerman on our second anniversary of being a church in February. The second half of the meeting will serve as an ordination council where Matthew will answer questions related to his theology, life, leadership, etc. in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The ordination meeting will last about 45 minutes.

We invite you, the covenant members of Redemption Parker, to not only attend our family meeting, but to present any questions you may have for either the members meeting and/or Matthew’s ordination council.