When women gather to study and be transformed by the Word of God, amazing things can happen.  Redemption Parker will have a Women’s Gospel Community, which will initially meet at the home of Jen Oshman in Stonegate, starting in Spring 2017.  Like all of our Gospel Communities, the women will gather to share life, the gospel, care for the city and our neighbors, and make disciples.

Please know, the Women’s Gospel Community is not meant to be a substitute for or in addition to our other Gospel Communities.  This group is intended for women who, for whatever reason, cannot join a different Gospel Community.  There are many ladies who are in need of female fellowship only, or their husbands have unpredictable work schedules and their family cannot commit together to a weekly group, or sometimes a gal just wants to invite her friend to Bible study.  We know women’s groups can be an effective way for women to be transformed by the Gospel and so this group is open to any woman and at all times. 

If you're interested in joining the Women's Gospel Community, please fill out the interest form on the Gospel Community page.


Please call Jen Oshman on the Redemption Parker phone you have any questions: