Identify Your Idols

In today's sermon, Pastor Mark talked about Idolatry.  Our hearts are idol factories. For our joy and God's glory, we must identify and destroy the idols of our hearts.  Tim Keller, in his book Counterfeit Gods, helps us understand and identify our heart idols.  Get the book, it's well worth your time.   In the meantime, consider these ten diagnostic questions:

  1. What consumes most of your thoughts and feelings?
  2. What motivates the things that you do? 
  3. What are you most afraid of? 
  4. What brings the highest amount of frustration or anger into your life? 
  5. What is one thing that can change your mood in a second? 
  6. What would your friends say is your favorite topic of conversation? 
  7. What are some things that you feel you can’t live without? 
  8. What brings you solace? 
  9. What do you yearn for? 
  10. What is one thing that you wish God would do for you?