Youth and Family Ministry

We believe Youth and Family Ministry is eternally significant.  

Our desire is that the Gospel would bear on the hearts and souls of youth in Parker during their very important trajectory-setting years.  We believe parents are the primary spiritual leaders for their children, so our ministry seeks to impact and equip not only youth, but also families.   

Below are the opportunities you will find available to Youth and Families.

Sunday Morning

Infants through 5th graders:
Our youngest attendees are invited to either sit with Mom and Dad in the Worship Service or to head down the hall to the Kid's Ministry room.  Qualified, caring, and background-checked Strategic Servants will provide a safe and nurturing space for our littlest ones, as well as a Gospel-centered lesson crafted just for them. Each Sunday, we will be going through The Gospel Project for kids. Check your child in at the Kid's Ministry Table at the back of the Sanctuary before the service starts.


Should I send my child to Kid's Ministry or keep them in the Worship Service?
Acknowledging that parents really are the best role models for their children, Redemption Parker encourages parents to have their children sit with them during the Worship Service.  As your children witness how you cherish the Gospel and the worship of Jesus Christ in community, your faith will likely be imparted to them.  We don’t want your kids to miss that!  Each week the church will provide elementary-aged children with a clipboard and activities to help keep them focused on corporate worship. As parents you know your children best. We invite you to decide if the Kid's Ministry Room or the corporate worship service is best for them. Don't hesitate to reach out to our Kid's Ministry Coordinator, Sarah Lambert, with questions. 

Throughout the week

Middle and High School Youth:
Redemption Parker has a Youth Group for our youth in middle school and high school.  We believe that it’s important for them to have fellowship and encouragement from a community of like-minded pre-teens and teens.  The RP Youth Group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in the Dugas family home, starting the 2nd week of September. Please email or talk to our Youth Ministry Directors - Michael and Sarah Lambert if you would like more information about the Youth Group.  

More information

Our goal at Redemption Parker is to provide gospel-centered opportunities for kids of every age to encounter and grow in Christ.  No matter the age of the children, our church has a few guiding principles for our Youth and Family ministry philosophy: 

  • Parents are encouraged to be the primary disciplers of their children. However, we realize not all parents are believers or equipped to disciple their children. We hope our Kid's Ministry and Youth Group will help share the Good News of Jesus and disciple children and youth from all backgrounds.

  • We know church will never be as entertaining as the world, but we know that the Gospel bears significant weight on every person’s search for meaning and hope, which will be the attraction of our ministries.

  • We believe children of every age are capable of hearing and understanding theological truths. Therefore, our desire is that Redemption Parker youth and families would hear, understand, and be able to accurately define and articulate the Gospel.

  • Our hope is that our youth and families would be on mission like the rest of the body—exalting and serving Christ both in the church and in our community.

A Few Helpful articles

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